Flight procedures


The primary goal of flight procedure design is to provide terrain and obstacle clearance during departure, en route, arrival, approach and missed approach phases; other factors are then considered, notably environmental issues (both particulate and noise pollution) and optimisation of air traffic flow. This is an iterative process that involves a number of related disciplines and requires participation of a wide array of stakeholders.


Flight procedures are an integral component of the airspace structure used every day by thousands of aircraft at airports around the world. As such, it is of paramount importance to ensure the safety and efficiency of these procedures, so they are subject to a rigorous quality assurance system. The aim of validation is to obtain a qualitative assessment of procedure design, including its inputs, methods, and outputs in order to ensure the safety, data accuracy, integrity, flyability and fitness for use of the procedure.

Periodic review

All airspace structures, including flight procedures, exist in a dynamic and changing environment. To ensure their continued safety, fitness for purpose and compliance with evolving criteria, procedures are subject to periodic review every few years or whenever justified for operational or other reasons.

Our services are…


We are certified and experienced procedure designers with a background in geomatics. As qualified pilots we understand many of the practical implications of our design decisions.


Before a project we take time to evaluate all its aspects and context so as to achieve the desired result according to a mutually agreed specification, on time and on budget.


We can provide specific services in the context of a wider project consisting of multiple contractors, or an integrated service guiding the client through all aspects of a job.


Approval by the Civil Aviation Authority of our home state ensures proper and effective oversight of our activities, which ultimately results in our clients receiving a service they can trust and rely on.